A really wonderful poem that warmed my heart.


I never did expect that my first post will be under such circumstances. But who will be able to predict? Life’s just like this. All it takes, for the tears to fall, is just a good friend, a family member, or even a stranger to walk right over to you and ask,” Hey what’s wrong?” And there you were having your feelings completely under control (or is it?) just a few seconds ago. But its okay to let your tears flow and your feelings  get expressed, because directly after that, grab a piece of tissue, dry those eyes, and put a smile back on your face. Life’s too short to let you mourn every moment so live each second you have to the fullest.  There are thousands of people in the world everyday who think they still have tomorrow and the day after that. But life’s like this. Who even knows what will happen a few seconds later? So smile every chance you got, laugh every opportunity you have. I thank god for my good friends and lovely family members, who have shown not by talk but by actions, that they will forever be with me no matter what decision I make, no matter what difficult situation I am in. I sincerely appreciate it and I LOVE YOU GUYS(: